Global Fintech Institute, NULS, iPreciation and NFTCircle NFT Fundraising Initiative for SUSS NiFT

A guide to bidding on iPRECIATION

Where is the auction held?

A) NFTCircle

All auctions using OxSGD, you can purchase these tokens through NFTCircle. unused OxSGD will be refunded.

Arts on auction

iPreciation Premium collection

Cavalry by Yang Zhongda (b. 1988)
TABLE by Milenko Prvacki (b. 1951)
Aladdin and Genie by Vincent Leow (b. 1961)
Guqin Series Burnt Tail 古琴系列之焦尾 by Tay Bak Chiang (b. 1973)
Rapid Streams 飛瀑流泉 by Oh Chai Hoo (b.1960)


Auctions on OpenSea only use ETH on polygon and is a fixed price sale.

Arts on auction

NFTCircle premium collection

Autograph Music NFT yayoi by akane from Kaze Japan Records

Free NFT

For those who participate in the NFT, each will be given a digital art NFT by artist Ella

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